Administrative Professionals Day breakfast

6 May 2022

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! Today we celebrated our hard working administrative team with a delicious, hot breakfast, on a very chilly morning on our Level 12 rooftop.

A huge thanks to our administrative team Abby-Rose Hill, Annette Holmes, Bernice Witkowski, Cherie Inglis, Jillian Klieve, Karolyn Lamont, Mary Girgolas, Melinda Dawson, Pauline Niquet, Rosalinda Labilles, Sharon Osmond, Stephanie Dugan, Triffany Comakis, Usman Dar, Vibha Patel and Yasmin McBride-Hellewell for your ongoing support and contribution to the business. 

Featured (left to right): Bernice Witkowski, Melinda Dawson, Karolyn Lamont, Sharon Osmond, Usman Dar, Triffany Comakis
Featured (left to right): Karolyn Lamont, Bernice Witkowski
Featured (left to right): Usman Dar, Melinda Dawson, Triffany Comakis, Sharon Osmond, Karolyn Lamont, Bernice Witkowski, Mary Girgolas