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14 Jun 2022

Beyond Series with Pauline Carr

DMAW Lawyers was delighted to welcome National Pharmacies chairperson, Pauline Carr, to speak as part of our Beyond series recently.

Tasha Naige interviewed Pauline about her career journey with reference to her roles as Chairperson of National Pharmacies, Chancellor at The University of South Australia, Non-Executive Director at Rare Earths and more.

Pauline spoke with Tasha about her self-driven journey and how through hard work, being proactive and making valuable connections, she was able to progress from her accounting role at Normandy Mining Limited, to Company Secretary and eventually go on to become General Manager.

Pauline discussed her extensive board committee experience, and credited her role as Company Secretary at Normandy Mining Limited, where she participated in and observed many board meetings, as playing a large part in setting her up for success in a career on various boards.

As a mother of two, Pauline balanced career and bringing up a family, in a climate where work from home arrangements were non-existent. Pauline's advice to the parents and aspiring parents in the room was to be organised (where possible), always have back-up child care and not to take yourself too seriously.

On the career front, Pauline encouraged our young lawyers to always be proactive, build strong professional and personal networks, communicate face-to-face and to always put in as much as you take out of a business.

DMAW Lawyers thanks Pauline for providing an inspiring and motivating presentation. We look forward to seeing what she accomplishes next on her career journey.

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