We actively support other community organisations and institutions, and facilitate staff involvement with the community. We have an active Charity Committee, which develops and oversees these charitable initiatives, and has organised many activities, fundraising events and donation drives to support local charities and not-for-profit organisations which play a vital role in helping South Australians.

Pro Bono

We are proud proponents of justice for all, and we are committed to contributing to improving access to justice. As part of that commitment, we encourage and facilitate the participation of our lawyers in approved pro bono work. We have a Pro Bono Committee, which is responsible for directing and facilitating the delivery of pro bono work. We are always looking to contribute where appropriate, and where we can be effective.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to understand, monitor and minimise the negative impacts of our business on the environment, as well as maximise our re-use of resources.  Through our Environmental Policy, we are committed to continually exploring sustainable options for the firm, and finding new ways to go beyond what is required of us in relation to environmental friendly practices.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We are proud to have launched our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan in September 2020, marking the beginning of a long-term contribution to engaging in and promoting reconciliation.  We are committed to supporting greater justice and equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as deepening our respect and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Trait Islander histories, values and cultures.