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Proudly representing government entities.

Government and government agencies have specific legal support needs that can differ from needs in the private sector. The need to balance public policy, public interests and the best interests of the government client requires an understanding of each of these components, and a willingness to work collaboratively with those inside government providing us with instructions, in addition to the requisite technical legal skills to execute.

We have worked with government clients over many years. We have represented government agency clients in mid-range and large disputes in the courts, particularly where the Crown Solicitor’s Office is faced with a potential conflict, or otherwise requests us to step in. We have also given detailed advice on complicated commercial arrangements, and of the impact of particular regulatory changes (Federal and State). We have worked closely with government agencies on extensive workplace reform initiatives.

We have been approved for, and are listed on, the Crown Solicitor’s Office TI10 Pre-qualification Register, in each of the areas of expertise listed below.


  • Employment and industrial (including worker’s compensation)
  • Major projects
  • General commercial (non-litigation)
  • General property (non-litigation, and including construction)
  • Intellectual property and information technology
  • Civil litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Competition and consumer
  • Public and administrative (including FOI, review of statutory decision-making and State taxation)
  • Native title


  • We were retained by a government agency to provide independent specialist legal and strategic advice on industrial relations and employment law issues on the implementation of extensive workplace reforms, covering a review of awards, enterprise agreements and employment arrangements for all categories of employees.
  • We represented the State of South Australia in substantial litigation brought in the Supreme Court by a third party consultant claiming breach of contract, conspiracy, defamation and for the tort of injurious falsehood.
  • Local government sought our advice on the operation and requirements for needs of a community wastewater management system.
  • We presented detailed advice on Commonwealth superannuation legislation, involving stapling reform, and the impact on public sector superannuation funds.
  • We were engaged to review and summarise, in user-friendly terms, the contractual arrangements of a significant infrastructure development for the State, together with the terms of the ongoing service arrangements associated with that development.