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We are committed to a brighter future for our environment.

Respect for the environment is an important factor when managing our business. We strive to explore and review the sustainability of our business operations by embracing environmentally friendly initiatives that support better use of energy and resources. Beyond this, we seek opportunities to do more of what is needed from us and be a positive force for change in our community.

Carbon neutral Adelaide law firm

As part of our commitment to the environment, we are proud to say that DMAW Lawyers has achieved carbon neutral status through reducing our emissions and purchasing Australian Carbon Credit Units to offset our carbon emissions and support the following Australian project:

  • cool fire burning in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (controlled burns to reduce fuel on the ground, preventing the impact of uncontrolled wildfires, which in turn reduces the emission of greenhouse gases).

You can read more about this project by accessing the link below.

Our carbon offset partner is Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM).

We have committed to calculate and offset our carbon footprint each year, whilst also assessing methods to reduce our carbon footprint.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner

DMAW Lawyers is a proud Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner.

As a Partner, we share a commitment to reducing our emissions and helping to make the City of Adelaide a carbon neutral city.

After achieving carbon neutral status in February 2023, participating in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program allows us to share our commitment to be a carbon neutral business and encourage others in the City of Adelaide to do the same.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program celebrates and empowers business and community organisations to reduce carbon emissions, provide leadership and encourage others to take action.

We are pleased to join Carbon Neutral Adelaide as a Partner and to be contributing to the attraction of new investment to the City and the State and strengthening Adelaide’s reputation as a smart, green, liveable and creative city.

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Our clients rely on us to overlay ESG considerations when providing solutions to their most difficult challenges.

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