Pro Bono

We are proud proponents of justice for all, and we are committed to contributing to improving access to justice. As part of that commitment, we encourage and facilitate the participation of our lawyers in approved pro bono work.

We have a Pro Bono Committee, which is responsible for directing and facilitating the delivery of pro bono work.

DMAW Lawyers is proud to be a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target – a community committed to advancing positive social change through pro bono work.  As a signatory, we understand the importance of enhancing access to justice, including to vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals in our community.  We are always looking to contribute where appropriate, and where we can be effective.

Committed as we are to South Australia and supporting South Australians, we are proud supporters of JusticeNet, a local pro bono clearing house which assesses and refers a broad range of pro bono matters to member law firms. We regularly take on referrals.

Our lawyers also volunteer at JusticeNet’s State and Federal Self-Representation Services, providing legal advice and assistance to unrepresented litigants facing the stress of going to Court on mortgage repossession actions, and in bankruptcy proceedings. Visit the website:

Some recent examples of our pro bono work include:

Successfully having a default judgment obtained by the Department of Education and Child Development against a Palestinian asylum seeker set aside. The judgment concerned significant international school fees which had been charged to our client for the schooling of his children. After we effectively argued that the fees had been wrongly charged, given the client’s bridging to protection visa status, the judgment was discharged and the Department abandoned the claim.

Successfully negotiating outcomes which have seen many Self-Representation Service clients avoid bankruptcy or loss of their homes.

Providing legal assistance to community organisation and registered charity, Crime Stoppers South Australia.  We are proud to have supported an organisation that is committed to achieving a safe, empowered and engaged community.

We have also set up charitable trusts and foundations and provided legal assistance to many not-for profit organisations.