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19 Jul 2023

Youth Opportunities morning tea - Charity Committee

Last week, DMAW Lawyers had the pleasure of welcoming Bec Quartermaine from South Australian not-for-profit organisation Youth Opportunities.

Bec joined us for morning tea and spoke about the invaluable work of Youth Opportunities helping young people learn important life skills and strong personal leadership tools.

Bec also took us through an eye-opening activity demonstrating how difficult it can be for young people dealing with hardship to see anything other than what is negatively effecting their lives, and some of the tools Youth Opportunities teaches.

DMAW Lawyers would like to thank Bec for taking the time out of her day to speak to us and for helping us understand more about the positive impact Youth Opportunities is having on the lives of young people across South Australia.

Thanks also to our Charity Committee for organising this worthwhile event.

What is Youth Opportunities?

Youth Opportunities is a not-for-profit organisation providing services and support to young people across metropolitan and regional South Australia since 1997.

Offering a range of personal leadership services, wraparound services and scholarships, Youth Opportunities aim to positively transform the lives of young people and positively impact their schools, families and communities.

Find out more about Youth Opportunities here.

Charity Committee

Youth Opportunities is one of the many not-for-profit and charitable organisations supported by DMAW Lawyers' Charity Committee.

From fundraising events, volunteering activities and sponsorships, to donation drives – our firm and our people are passionate about lending a helping hand, supporting our community and giving back.

Find out more about our Charity Committee and some of the organisations we support here.

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