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5 May 2023

Administrative Professionals Day 2023

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, we asked some of our senior team about the invaluable, ongoing support our administrative team provides to the business.

When everything often seems too hard, I am very grateful for the team’s no fuss willingness to just get things done and out the door. Honestly, the place would not function without them.

— Peter Kupniewski

Very thankful for our terrific administrative team and your contribution to the delivery of services for our clients. Your professionalism and willingness to help others is exemplary. We could not do this without your input and support!

— Tasha Naige

Our admin team is invaluable and provides timely, professional and pro-active assistance in enabling our clients to thrive.

— Paul Dugan

The admin team take great care and pride in their jobs without complaint. They are invaluable in allowing us to service the clients.

— David Meegan

To the entire support team, thank you for all of your hard work and effort. The essential role you play in the firm cannot be understated and it is very much appreciated.

— Justin Sharman

Thank you to our admin team for always knowing what we need in order to serve our clients in the best way possible. Your support is invaluable.

— Chris Floreani

The administrative professionals who support my team are amazing at their job. I can trust in their attention to detail and their care in getting work done to make my life, and my client’s lives, easier. I certainly wouldn’t be able to live without them!

— Seva Surmei

A big thank you to our administrative team that play an important role in the overall service that the firm provides. Often the quiet achievers who work tirelessly in the background – we thank you for the extremely professional and detailed approach that you apply in each and every one of your roles every day.

— Bernice Witkowski

Our administrative team celebrated yesterday by coming together for a well-deserved afternoon tea on our Level 12 terrace.

On behalf of the firm, thank you to our administrative team for everything you do. As is evident from the comments above, you truly play an integral role in the success of the business and in helping our clients and our people thrive. Well done!

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