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3 Apr 2024

Agribusiness Leaders' Boardroom Luncheon with Edward Scott

DMAW Lawyers recently hosted a group of leading South Australian agribusiness professionals at our boardroom luncheon with guest speaker Edward Scott, CPSS and Soil Scientist at Soil and Land Company.

Guests enjoyed a long lunch in our boardroom overlooking the Adelaide CBD and an engaging presentation from Edward, providing insight into the critical nature of soil investment for the future of agriculture from federal government to farmer levels and the implementation of the national soil strategy.

DMAW Lawyers would like to thank Edward for taking the time to share his valuable industry insights with the group.

A big thank you also to our guests for their interest and keen participation on the day.


What is the Soil and Land Company?

Soil and Land Company (Soil and Land Co) specialise in understanding limitations to performance in irrigated and dryland agricultural production systems, environmental, engineered landscape rehabilitation, turf and public open space.

Soil and Land Co design resilient soil management systems with focus on improving soil water dynamics, soil carbon cycling, and integration of current Agtech solutions to improve soil monitoring and management

Find out more about Soil and Land Co here.


The agribusiness and food sector faces both unique challenges and opportunities – from increased demand for food and adoption of data and technology, to ever-adapting industry changes and a complicated web of regulatory and political pressures. We understand these realities and are here to support our clients, some of which are multi-generational family businesses, through the good times and the bad.

Our agribusiness expertise has grown organically over time as we have collaborated with South Australian businesses in the areas of horticulture, wine, liquor, fishing, retail, food and beverage, assisting them with their day-to-day legal needs. We go the extra mile to understand our clients, and provide them with tailored technical and practical advice in relation to all aspects of their businesses and supply chains.

Find out more about how our agribusiness experts can assist your business here.


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