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9 Dec 2021

Beyond the Office 2021

Our lawyers recently participated in our bi-annual conference “Beyond the Office”. Activities included volunteering with Treasure Boxes Inc and Girl Guides South Australia, a morning beach volleyball tournament and sessions from Paul Taylor (MindBodyBrain Performance Institute) about practical tools to build resilience and wellness, and David Cropley from the University of South Australia about creative thinking and the key elements to finding innovative solutions when problem solving. There was also a lot of fun and relaxation with an afternoon sailing cruise and dinner by the beach.

The conference is an opportunity for us to focus on developing non-legal skills, discuss the business, and spend time together outside of the office. These events are an important part of DMAW Lawyers’ focus on helping our employees to thrive.

Please enjoy some photos from the weekend. We are feeling motivated and refreshed, and ready to continue going beyond!

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