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28 Mar 2022

Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network – ESG seminar

DMAW Lawyers was pleased to recently host the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network for a cocktail event and seminar on ESG (environment, social and governance).

Thank you to our speakers, Zoe Detmold (Detmold Group), Dr. Burkhard Seifert (OZ Minerals) and Nicole Mead (DMAW Lawyers) who shared their insights into the challenges and benefits of implementing ESG into a business.

Thanks also to everyone who attended and helped to make the evening such a success.

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ESG is finding a new level of importance as expectations placed on businesses shift, making it imperative for businesses to embrace ESG now more than ever. The reasons are two-fold: there are both legal requirements, as well as non-legal motivations to embrace ESG or risk a range of consequences. Let us support you on this journey to sustainability.

Our team works closely with clients to identify and develop ways to integrate ESG-related solutions into business as usual, with the goal of benefitting clients, their shareholders as well as the communities they operate in. We want to ensure you not only legally comply with ESG requirements, but also strengthen your position in the market.

Find out more about how our expert ESG and sustainability team can assist your business here.


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