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20 Feb 2023

Cyber Attack Update - "Demystifying The Great Unknown"

Last week DMAW Lawyers presented to the Industry Leaders Fund Scholars Network, alongside Comunet, Digital Trace Australia and Insurance Advisernet Australia on the latest cyber security threats and how businesses should prepare for and protect against an attack.

Guests arrived bright and early for breakfast at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, before settling in for an engaging presentation from the group, covering a broad spectrum of cyber security risks and recommendations. Comunet's Alexei Fey led the conversation with experts Paul Dugan (DMAW Lawyers), Neil Slipper (Comunet), Briston Talbot (Digital Trace Australia) and Simon Landringan (Insurance Advisernet Australia) providing topical commentary and advice from each of their unique industry perspectives.

Key takeaways from the presentation include:

  • Implement a clear governance structure – and test it regularly.
  • You can’t expect an IT or business person to know everything – they need to engage specialists (and have a budget to do so).
  • Get your ship in order – on-boarding and off-boarding, employment contracts and policies, supply contracts, privacy policies and breach response plans –review and maintain it (it’s not a once off thing).
  • Cyber frameworks (ISO, AICD, Essential 8 etc.) alignment makes everyone’s jobs easier – and insurance requirements are growing!
  • Don’t forget staff training (practical and legal duties).
  • Plan for a cyber event, and regularly test your response.

Thank you to the Industry Leaders Fund and Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre for facilitating this excellent event and to our guests for their keen interest and participation on the day.

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Cyber Alliance Group

DMAW Lawyers has partnered with Comunet & Digital Trace Australia to form a comprehensive, industry leading cyber security service group, the Cyber Alliance Group.

Head to the Cyber Alliance Group website to find out more about our full service, cyber security offering and how we can assist your business.


The way we do business has been transformed by data-driven technological advancements and remote working arrangements – with that, cyber attacks and the theft and misuse of personal and valuable commercial information have become increasingly prevalent. The regulatory landscape has begun to rapidly evolve as we move into an increasingly cyber future. It is important now more than ever for all businesses, big and small, to devote the necessary time and resources to understand and manage their data protection risks to avoid serious commercial and reputational damage, and potential legal liability for the business and board members or officers. We can help.

Find out more about how our cyber and information security experts can assist your business here.


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