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9 May 2022

Meritas Annual Meeting – London 2022

On behalf of DMAW Lawyers, Daniel Jenkinson and Nicole Mead want to thank and congratulate Meritas and Howard Kennedy for delivering a wonderfully relevant, thought-provoking, collaborative and inspiring conference in one of the great cities of the world.

Running from May 4-6, two of our Meritas firm representatives, Daniel Jenkinson and Nicole Mead, attended the annual meeting for the first time this year and it did not disappoint.

Over the course of the three-day conference, Daniel and Nicole had the opportunity to participate in an excellent mix of content, networking and activities such as a keynote speakers and presentations, workshops, panel discussions, treasure hunts, bike tours, fun run groups and networking events, including the option to experience some of London's premier restaurants, such as Swan at Shakespeare's Globe, Roast, The Refinery and Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen.

The conference centered largely around the importance of ESG and diversity, in and outside of the law firm.

Some other key themes were:

  • The world is changing now (and fast)
  • Traditional methods are no longer adequate
  • Disruption = opportunity
  • ESG, CSR and DI&E are key drivers of business decision making
  • We must harness the power of data
  • Culture remains key
  • Enhanced cross-border communication and collaboration is they way to solve the geopolitical challenges the world is faced with
  • All lawyers, as guardians of the rule of law, have a role to play in creating change for good.

As our Meritas Young Lawyer representative, Nicole also had the great opportunity to present on the topic of "New Drivers of Growth Around Social Impact, Sustainability, & ESG Initiatives" as part of a panel, alongside fellow Meritas representatives from around the globe, Eve Starks, André Ryan and Bruce Farquhar. The panel was chaired expertly by Emma Richmond.

With attendees from over 50 countries around the world, Nicole and Daniel were privileged to connect in-person with members of the worldwide network, to share and collaborate on ideas about the law and running a great law firm to better serve our clients and people.

Check out some of their highlights from the event below.

Tap the link below for more about DMAW Lawyers' participation in the Meritas network:

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