Live webinar: Net Zero Carbon and Sustainability in Agriculture

25 November 2020



Live webinar: Net zero carbon and sustainability in agriculture

8 December 2020

9:30am - 10:30am ACDT

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DMAW Lawyers is proud to present a public webinar of leading experts discussing emerging technology and practical strategies for carbon management in agricultural systems, and sustainability and consumer expectations in the grain industry.  This is an exciting and quickly changing area, and we, like many of our clients, are passionate about being at the leading edge.  We hope you will be able to join us for an informative session, covering the following topics:


  • Dr Steve Jefferies, former Managing Director of Grains Research and Development Corporation, will present on "Sustainability and other future consumer expectations for the Australian grains industry".


  • Dr Steve Meller, CEO of CH4 Global, will present on "Seaweed and methane reduction in the cattle industry".


  • Mr Ed Scott, Director of Soil and Land Co, will present on "Agricultural technologies and how they can best be used for soil carbon and nitrogen management".


  • Mr Michael Eyres, Director of Field Systems, will present on "Soil carbon as the farmer's universal agricultural performance catalyst".


The presentations will be followed by a panelist discussion, and will be orchestrated by Dr Andrew MacDonald, Director of University of Adelaide Business School.


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Dr Steve Jefferies

Former Managing Director of Grains Research and Development Corporation

Dr Steve Meller

CEO of CH4 Global

Mr Edward Scott

Director of Soil and Land Co

Mr Michael Eyres

Director of Field Systems


Dr Andrew MacDonald

Director of University of Adelaide Business School