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19 Aug 2022

Cyber Alliance Group present at SA Leaders Knowledge Workshop

Groups of business owners sitting at round tables watching a presentation on Cyber Security

Paul Dugan (DMAW Lawyers), Neil Slipper (Comunet), Alexei Fey (Comunet) & Briston Talbot (Digital Trace Australia) took the group through a typical cyber breach scenario, from a legal, tech and digital forensics perspective, identifying key risks for businesses and emphasising the importance of having a fit for purpose cyber security incident response plan.

Some key takeaways were:

  • Don't tamper with the evidence - enlist the services of an expert to act quickly and correctly in response to a cyber breach
  • Don't get caught out - ensure your employee contracts are up to date and air tight
  • Change your passwords - safeguard your business by changing all passwords as soon as possible when off-boarding an employee

The Cyber Alliance Group is a collaboration between DMAW Lawyers, Comunet and Digital Trace Australia to provide comprehensive cyber security advice and services to business. Whether you are responding to a cyber security incident or are looking to proactively enhance your cyber security processes and governance, we can provide a range of services that will enable you to re-focus your attention where it’s needed – your business.

To find out how the Cyber Alliance Group can assist your business you can visit their website, or contact Paul Dugan, Principal at DMAW Lawyers.

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