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6 Mar 2023

DMAW Lawyers host A3C Small Business Morning Tea

On Thursday 2nd March, DMAW Lawyers were pleased to host the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre's first Small Business Morning Tea of the year.

These events provide the opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to access resources, education, and industry experts to help plan their cyber security strategy in an informal, welcoming, environment.

As a member of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre, we had the pleasure of hosting this month's morning tea at which Lachlan Chuong presented briefly on how DMAW Lawyers are supporting the small business sector in the challenging digital security environment.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to those we were able to chat to. It's great to see so many of you prioritising cyber and information security protection and prevention for your businesses.

If you would like any further information on cyber and information security from a legal perspective, please contact Paul Dugan, Tasha Naige, Lachlan Chuong or Jessica Punch.

Cyber Alliance Group

DMAW Lawyers has partnered with Comunet & Digital Trace Australia to form a comprehensive, industry leading cyber security service group, the Cyber Alliance Group.

Head to the Cyber Alliance Group website to find out more about our full service, cyber security offering and how we can assist your business.



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