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10 Nov 2021

Chiropractors and Osteopaths now subject to mandatory vaccination direction

On 8 November 2021, the South Australian State Co-ordinator amended the healthcare public health direction (which mandates vaccination for a range of allied health professionals) to extend the operation of the direction to people who work in a “chiropractic therapy setting” or a “osteopathy setting”.

Anyone working in either of those settings will not be permitted to work after 6 December 2021 unless they have received:

  • both doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccination by that date; or
  • their first dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccination by that date and have a booking to receive their second dose.

The updated direction applies to anyone who attends a chiropractic or osteopathic setting in the course of their work, including clinical staff, administrative staff, cleaners, suppliers and delivery drivers. The circumstances in which a person may be eligible to obtain a medical exemption from the requirement to be vaccinated remains limited.

This article provides general commentary only. It is not legal advice. Before acting on the basis of any material contained in this article, seek professional advice.


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