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7 Jun 2024

Cyber Alliance Group industry roundtable lunch

DMAW Lawyers recently hosted a group of leading not-for-profit and disability service providers for a roundtable lunch and discussion led by the Cyber Alliance Group (DMAW Lawyers, Digital Trace Australia and Comunet).

Cyber and information security is particularly vital for not-for-profit and disability service providers due to their handling of sensitive data, reliance on donations, critical service provision, legal obligations, attractiveness as targets, and dependence on technology.

As facilitated by DMAW Lawyers' principal and key member of the Cyber Alliance Group, Paul Dugan, the group discussed common issues facing the industry with respect to cyber security and privacy, touching on recent and impending changes to the Privacy Act, the current threat landscape, the importance of legal professional privilege in protecting investigation outcomes being used against you, cyber incident response and building comprehensive cyber uplift program for their businesses.

The Cyber Alliance Group would like to thank our guests for their interest and keen participation on the day. It was great to have the chance to speak with you about your experiences, concerns and priorities in terms cyber and information security readiness, response and risk management for your businesses.



Our team of cyber and information security specialists advises clients at each stage of the data lifecycle – from proactive risk management to incident response and recovery.

From the outset, we work closely with our clients to identify and manage internal and external data privacy and security risks through legal documentation, establishment of appropriate board and management governance arrangements, policies and procedures, on-boarding arrangements and IT protection.

Should a cyber incident or information breach occur our team will be right by your side to advise and assist you with response, damage mitigation, recovery and obtaining legal remedies.

Find out more about how our expert cyber and information security team can assist your business here.

Cyber Alliance Group

The Cyber Alliance Group is a collaboration between DMAW Lawyers, Comunet and Digital Trace Australia to provide comprehensive cyber security advice and services to business.

Whether you are responding to a cyber security incident or are looking to proactively enhance your cyber security processes and governance, we can provide a range of services that will enable you to re-focus your attention where it’s needed – your business.

Find out more about our involvement with the Cyber Alliance Group here.


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