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13 May 2024

DMAW Lawyers continues carbon neutral journey in 2024 and beyond

As part of our commitment to a brighter future, we are proud to say that DMAW Lawyers has maintained our carbon neutral status since February 2023.

Our carbon emissions have reduced by over 20% in the past 12 months and we have offset the balance through purchasing Australian Carbon Credit Units generated by cool fire burning projects in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. These projects involve controlled burns to reduce fuel on the ground, preventing the impact of uncontrolled wildfires, which in turn reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

DMAW Lawyers is also a Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner. As a Partner, we share a commitment to reducing our emissions and helping to make the City of Adelaide a carbon neutral city.

Through our partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide, Bernice Witkowski and Stephanie Dugan recently attended CitySwitch and Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners Annual Celebration at Crafty Robot Brewing. This was an excellent opportunity to chat to other businesses about their carbon neutral journey, changes they've made to reduce carbon emissions and how we can encourage others to take action.

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