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24 Feb 2023

Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act - how to prepare for the new workplace laws

Yesterday evening, DMAW Lawyers hosted a group of industry professionals and presented alongside Adelaide Aspire on the recent Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act and how to prepare for the new workplace laws. Kylie Dunn (DMAW Lawyers), Lachlan Chuong (DMAW Lawyers) and Tania Cunningham (Adelaide Aspire) spoke about the nature of the important changes introduced by the legislation and how they may impact businesses moving forward. They also discussed what's on the agenda for 2023, including:

  • superannuation added to the NES;
  • scope/definition of casual employment;
  • minimum conditions for gig economy workers;
  • wage theft penalties;
  • "same job, same pay" obligations for labour hire businesses;
  • extension of paid parental leave.

DMAW Lawyers would like to thank our guests for their participation and engagement during the presentation. It was great to see so many of you stick around to enjoy a drink, nibbles and a chat in the air conditioning afterwards.




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