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14 Nov 2023

Beyond Series panel discussion

DMAW Lawyers recently welcomed a panel of experts including Matthew Fisher (Adelaide Airport), Jason Leonardis (Elders), Janelle Borlace (SA Power Networks) and Sandra O'Donnell (Northline) to speak as part of our Beyond Series.

At the session hosted by Lucien Young and Victoria Ong, each panel member provided a brief overview of their career to date and collectively addressed some of the challenges faced by in house lawyers and the importance of relationships. Some key messages we took away from the discussion include:

  • the benefits of over-delivering;
  • the importance of delivering legal advice in a manner that is readily understandable for non-legally trained colleagues;
  • building trust and relationships;
  • not being afraid to pick up the phone when that is a more effective way to address something.

DMAW Lawyers would like to thank our panelists for taking time out of their day to speak with our team and for facilitating some really valuable discussions.

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